Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tying up loose ends

We had been in Fort Walton Beach for over a week before I even had a chance to think about this blog.  Time seemed to have flown.  We tried to have a few days "off" before having to meet lawyers and close bank accounts and all the stuff you have to do when someone dies.  By Tuesday we felt as if we had been on a treadmill for weeks.

But funny things have happened, like while eating at the Longhorn restaurant.  I simply took a picture of my loaded baked potato and the manager immediately appeared! We felt as if we got a bit more attention than usual and can only assume they thought we were food critics!  He reappeared as we were leaving to make sure we enjoyed our dinner!  There is nothing like a loaded baked potato, loads of sour cream, bacon, cheese and whatever else you might feel like putting on it.  Yum!  And if I were a food critic, I would say you can never go wrong with Longhorn!

I met two Patrices on this trip, the first one was on the way to FWB at The Golden Corral.  One of our required eating places whenever we visit the USA!  All you can eat and as close to real food as you will find in a restaurant. 
The other one was a sales clerk at Macy's!  Of course I had to buy something just to mark the moment.

Staying at Steamboat Landing is as close to home as I can hope for.  It is where Mom had a timeshare and also in the area where I lived, off and on, for 12 years!  I love this area and still wonder why I chose to leave.  Ok, it was too crowded with tourists and, at the time, didn't have many job short sighted of me though!

One totally important stop is a meal at The Magnolia Grill.  My absolute favourite restaurant.....missed this last year and we could not risk that again. So this was the first meal of the trip to Fort Walton Beach!  I got swayed by one of their specials - crab cakes and shrimp with fettuccine Alfredo.   And it was delicious!  Unfortunately, the picture makes it look very unappetizing, so I am not going to post it.   Even though it was wonderful:  fresh seafood, pasta and an Alfredo sauce,   mmmmmmm.
Martin and Alan were very kind to me and let me go back one more time before leaving for eggplant parmigiana........

In high school, one of my friend's dates took her to the restaurant that had the same chef as Magnolia Grill (at least that is the way I heard it) and he asked for Eggplant Farmer John!

Winter in this part of Florida can be tricky and we are not getting sunburnt!   I could not see beyond Mom's service in Belleville and did not pack for this week.  Good thing, I would have brought the wrong clothes!  So I am buying sweaters, socks and layers to keep warm!

Our last Sunday was a real treat- we met one of our favourite people at Logan's Roadhouse.  Bill was my step brother in law, but I never think of him like that, he was my good friend and the father of my nieces, Candi and Roxanne.  We always tried to see each other when I am in FWB.  Alan and Martin had met him previously at Roxanne's wedding, but that was not the ideal place to meet anyone, especially the father of the bride. So they were delighted to have a chance to get to know Bill.  And Alan spent some time getting a really good photo of him.

However, none of us realized just how precious this lunch meeting would be......I am sad to say my friend passed away yesterday at home.  We are all still in shock but this is a message to everyone to live each day as if it is your last.  Since Bill told us that he never expected to live beyond age 50 and had managed well over 10 years later, he felt every day was a gift. This should be a lesson to us all.

Rest in Peace my friend.

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