Monday, February 25, 2013

On the road again

Time to leave Belleville and go for some well deserved R&R at my niece's house.  I am so very lucky to have nieces and nephews, especially since I was an only child!  The old saying that you can choose your friends but not your family is not true in my case.  I am extremely lucky that not only have we have chosen to be family, but one of my nieces even takes after Whitney and me!  Here is the picture to prove it.  

Arriving at the Ginzo House is always a pleasure, although we have only been here once before. But it is a wonderful home away from home and we are so grateful to Roxanne and Adarsh for being such gracious hosts.

Just to give us some variety in dinner since the Ginzu House is totally vegetarian, Roxanne suggested we go to  Le Thai so Martin and Alan could have meat if they wanted!   This is a Thai restaurant, the hint is in the name!  We shared spring rolls and basil rolls.  The Spring Rolls came standing individually in shot glasses with citrus sauce.  What a fantastic idea for serving them!  Both were absolutely delicious!    And I got Pad Thai, a scrumptious dish with noodles. Any dish with noodles will make me happy, but this was exquisite!

Early to bed since I was exhausted!  Would have loved to sit up and chat with Roxanne, but I think she was tired too.  Nothing like having 2 fantastic kids in the house and then the Graham's swoop into town!

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