Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday visitation and Superbowl!

Beautiful urn wreath from Eckert's Florist

This was the first day of the official events of Mom's remembrance service, the visitation. Having never really attended anything like this before, both Alan and I were in serious uncharted territory.  We had so much input and assistance from family that it all went beautifully.

I chose the most comfortable room so that people could mingle, sit or go into the adjoining room if it was all too much.  There was also a kitchen with a well stocked fridge (many thanks to the Langsdorfs for that!) and I had brought shortbread from Scotland (which is always a hit).

As with any family gathering, most of the laughs came from the kitchen-and that is how it should be, there have to be laughs even in a funeral home.

The time was from 2-6 and there was always a good number of people.  Some cousins I had not seen for 40 years and one cousin, mom's age I had only heard of 15 minutes earlier.  That was an amazing coincidence - a friend of Mom's came in with a clipping from the local paper all about mom's 14th birthday party which listed all the guests.  One of these was Russell and then he was there too!

                     Cousin Russell!

There were beautiful flowers from family and one arrangement from a friend of Mary and Katherine. Pictures were everywhere and it couldn't have been prettier. I know Mom would have loved every minute of it.

Only in America would a visitation be scheduled around the Superbowl, but I know Mom would have understood and approved.  So, as everyone left, Alan and I found ourselves abandoned....cousins had gone out to celebrate a birthday or to watch the game.  I know no one intended us to be left, but this happened. So we made the executive decision to invite ourselves along with the Arizona batch of cousins to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!  What a treat to watch the Superbowl in real time, instead of either staying up all night or taping it and trying not to hear who won until we got a chance to watch it!

And the night was not over yet!  Returning to our hotel, the southern branch of my family was at the pool and relaxing. What a treat to end the day with them.

"The family is one of nature’s masterpieces."
- George Santayana

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