Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday chores and family gatherings

On Saturday morning I had to visit Eckerts Florist, mainly for PR purposes.  When I walked in and was asked how they could help, I answered not at all. Then explained that I had ordered Mom's urn wreath long distance, paid it also, but was just dropping in to say hello.  When we saw the wreath the next day we were so impressed, it was perfect, with flowers mom loved like tulips and hydrangea.  Doing so much with nothing more than a web page and telephone, it was so nice that it all worked out-but more about that tomorrow.

Alan and I also dropped in at Tisch Monuments, met Mr Tisch, and got a copy of what looks like a blueprint of what will be Mom's gravestone.  I had kept hers the same as the more recent ones at the family plot and was really pleased with what Mr Tisch had drawn. This won't be ready until May at the soonest.  I intend to come back and see it when it is finished.

Next stop was a long drive to St Luke's hospital in Chesterfield to see my stepmother, Louise.  She is 91 and has pneumonia. Walking in was déjà vu, having done this for the past 6 months. She is so small and frail, and covered in bruises from getting iv's and all.  Louise was delighted to see us though, but did convey a serious message that she was kissing us goodbye, and we all felt it was not just for today.  Very sad, but so nice that we could all see her one last time. Except Corbyn, and Louise really wanted to see him again so she could report to my Dad when they were reunited in heaven.  (I am posting all these blogs 2 weeks later because I could  not add photos with the Ipad, and I am pleased to say Louise was sent home and continues to be a worry to her neighbours and friends!  In a very good way!)

With visits and plans over, almost all family members within a 50 mile radius arrived at Johnny and Donna's for a relaxed evening of visiting and eating good food!  Many thanks to Donna for this sudden and wonderful family gathering!

The main dish was Pulled Pork, which I couldn't eat due to it having BBQ sauce and that often has cumin in it. Since Donna did not make the pulled pork, we would never know (unless I ate it!)  so she made me a hamburger.  But Pulled Pork is delicious, Mom taught me how to make it using a slow cooker and it could not be easier.  The way I remember it is just to put the pork roast in the slow cooker with a bottle of barbeque sauce and let it cook until you can pull it apart with 2 forks, shredding it.  But I cannot find anything that simple so I will link the easiest one I have found on google and whenever I get the chance, I will try my simple one and let you know how it goes!

Pulled Pork

“Be not angry or sour at table; whatever may happen put on the cheerful mien, for good humor makes one dish a feast.”
From a Shaker manual, 'Gentle Manners'

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