Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Atlanta Aquarium among other treasures!

With no new ideas to soften the blow of Corbyn not being with us, we visited the Aquarium as planned. Corbyn was really looking forward to seeing the whale sharks, and we had to do this without him....I really hate chicken pox!

Roxanne was able to spend the day with us and I loved having such quality time with her - like when we told everyone else just to go see the dolphin show without us.......once you have seen this, you do not need to see it again.  Don't get me wrong, the dolphins are magnificent and the trainers are fantastic, but the show is a combination of Broadway and Disney.  This really takes away from the enjoyment of seeing the dolphins.   Once they came out, we could tell they agreed with us!

But the dolphin show is the only thing we could critique.   Everything else is more than wonderful.  My favourite part is watching the whale sharks be fed. Their mouths are as big as the boats on the surface where their food is distributed!

We also visited CNN before going to Adarsh's parents' house for a very special dinner.  This would have been quite a challenge for his Mom because I am allergic to cumin and lentils quite often make me sick.  Both ingredients are staples in her cooking!  It was also a good test for a possible trip to India for me.....if I could survive just being in a house that uses these things daily.  Not sure if she used cooking items she doesn't normally use or not.  The less I knew, the better.  Just in case I have some sort of imagined reaction!   Unfortunately, since this was the first time we were invited to their house, Alan and I thought cameras were probably not ideal and have no pictures of the best meal we had our whole trip!  What a treat to experience a type of cooking we are not familiar with and it was all so enjoyable.  Weeks later, we are still raving over this! 

I asked Roxanne to list what we ate and here is her list:

At Amma's house, we had
Pulao (rice pilaf)
Palak Paneer (Spinach with cubed cheese)
Raitha (cucumber, cilantro, yogurt salad)
Butter Naan (bread)
Veggie Cutlets
Salad with sprouted mung breans, strawberries and almonds + raw cashew nut dressing
Carrot Soup
Fudge Barfi

Although all the dishes were unusual to us, they were all fabulous and delicious.  Alan, Martin, Whitney and I thoroughly enjoyed every dish and were especially grateful just for the simple pleasure of eating "real" food!

                    "A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness." —Elsa Schiaparelli


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