Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting ready

The last time we travelled and I tried to use my iPad, it was a complete failure. This is a test!

I did the above a few days ago, before we discovered Corbyn contracted chicken pox and would not be travelling with us.  Pure heartbreak all around. Not sure who was more disappointed, the adults or Corbyn.  I could list so many things we all wanted to experience with him.....but would just depress myself further.

Did I say I had forced my entire family to get flu shots since the news coming out of America sounded like that flu epidemic would spoil our trip?  I was concerned someone would get abandoned somewhere in our travels due to being too ill to come with us.  Never expected to abandon someone before we even left Scotland!

Then 2 days before leaving, I finally noticed I had a bad cough, had it for weeks but been too busy to notice. Got antibiotics and missed my last 2 days at work.  I was really ill and cannot afford to miss anymore work, I am already so far behind due to bereavement leave and having to miss it gives an idea of exactly how ill I was!

We got to Illinois on Friday, I have not slept since Wednesday due to coughing.  So,what else can go wrong?

What could go wrong...........high winds caused our flight from Newark to be cancelled and we were lucky to get on the next flight to St. Louis ...... Although we got there late, we were able to meet loads of many family members at a Friday night fish fry in Swansea .  That was amazing. 

Not sure if I can download pictures, but the Ipad is not allowing me to scroll down so I am going to publish this and see if I can continue.  Obviously, the test was not exactly successful, but I am not going to lose hope! 

No quote either, if I go to another website to look for one, it just makes it difficult. Using the Hampton Inn computer in the lobby, which is great but you can only have one page open at a time. 

Fingers crossed all works out well!

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