Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Been a while

Hello and many apologies for taking so long to come back to this blog!  I am still not sure if it will work anymore.  I learned I had used all the space for photos and did not know how to fix that.  I considered using other avenues to start a new blog, but I really like this one.  So I will attempt to continue and see what we can do about the photo problem.....

I have also lost the drive to cook and experiment, probably due to not being able to blog. So please bear with me and let's see if this is going to work now!

We lost our Bailey dog in February. She was with us for 12 1/2 years and only went down hill a few days before she passed away.  It was sudden and shocking, but what a great life she had!  We miss her every day but are so happy that we were able to share our lives with her for so long.

Sunset at Ayr Beach with our grandson and our beloved Bailey

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