Friday, August 31, 2012

Today I might find the porridge!

Yesterday the joiner and his mate finished what they were supposed to do.  I am hesitant to say the kitchen is finished because there is still one little job:  Alan has to saw the chimney part of the cooker hood to fit under the ceiling.  Our kitchen has two levels of ceiling and, unfortunately, the lowest part is right over the range. 

The finished look!  White roses compliment the corner so well. They were sent by a good friend of mine to cheer me up about my Mom.  When they arrived, I was a bit upset because I thought they would be wasted in a house so full of confusion, but once the kitchen was done, they found a perfect home! 

If you look closely, the little corner of white at the upper left is actually where the ceiling begins to be higher.  Both levels are white, it just looks like the lower ceiling is grey in this picture.  All that is left is for Alan to get brave enough to take a hack saw to the chimney and cut it more than half its' height and then place it on the top of the cooker hood!
I am still eating toast for breakfast, but with any luck, this will be the last morning for that!  Maybe today will see the inauguration of my range ovens too!  

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

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