Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can't find the microwave, can't find the toaster!

Good Morning and welcome to our construction zone! 

Today already at 7am, there has already been the challenge of breakfast.  I have to admit I am addicted to porridge, or oatmeal in the US.  I have regularly eaten porridge almost every day for years. I can't even remember when this started, but it is a perfect way for me to start the day.  Yesterday I had toast and it was ok.   Today, no toaster, no access to boil eggs, no microwave to cook my porridge......Alan bought a baguette but that just didn't appeal.  So I resorted to a traditional Scottish breakfast staple - the morning roll.  The funny thing to me is that this roll looks like a really nice hamburger bun.  But it is a breakfast food here and is really yummy! 

Walking to the corner shop, in the early morning sunshine, I can see how this is a very nice tradition.  However, I am only off work due to the stress of Mom being in the hospital - I don't usually have time to wander down to the corner shop.  And with Mom appearing to improve and her visiting hours being restricted, as is normal in UK hospitals, I now have the time both to wander to the shop and to deal with the fall out of organizing a new kitchen. 

And I have already identified new "fall out".   Who knew the upper cupboards would be too small for a normal size dinner plate?  Alan is convinced our dishes are just bigger than average, but I am not so sure.  We are totally committed to this new kitchen now, so we will just have to readjust our thinking and use a bottom cupboard to store dinner plates, but it was a set back I did not expect.  And so many people have Magnet kitchens and love them....maybe our dishes are over size?  This has never been a subject of conversation when I have asked folks who did their kitchens.

 We had intended to keep these tiles because we liked them. However, they don't look very nice in these pictures.  I guess we will have to wait and see how they look when the room is finished.
 The other problem with the tiles is one wall is not really straight, and this is the first professionally done installation, so there is a risk that the tiles are going to look wrong once this is done.  The one thing I am not looking forward to, if it comes to it, is having to chose new tiles.  There are too many choices and Alan and I really struggle to find ones we agree on!
 Just barely visible is the plate I used to test how big the shelf is, you can just see it on the lower shelf to the left of the old stove.  I tried to take a picture of how it overhangs, but it is so small it can't really focus on it. But I believe it is a big enough overhang to interfere with the door closing.

Alan is also concerned that with these cupboards being perfectly straight, the floor is also going to be obviously "wrong".  But only time will tell at this point.

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