Monday, August 27, 2012

Construction Begins

Here are the pictures of the kitchen before the joiner arrived. 

The day did not go as well as planned though, first the sink got broken and we had not intended to get a new sink.  Then our Boxer decided to make a break for freedom and got really far before Alan and the joiner could catch her! 

The fridge will stay and the range cooker will be moved away from the door, can't wait to try it out!  At the wall to the right of the door is supposed to be a bookcase for cookbooks, sheer decadence.  I have not been able to put my cook books in a good place since moving here, so I am really excited.  The design left a space just large enough under the bookcase for the raised dog dish, but there has been just one more glitch today - the radiator we have to move has two pipes that are not able to move.  So now we are going to put a tiny radiator under the bookcase.  It might not look as good as no radiator, but it will look better than useless pipes sticking out of a floor!  And an added bonus is that the kitchen will be warmer since there will now be an extra radiator, even if it is quite small! 

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.
- Ogden Nash

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