Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shaping up nicely

On Wednesdays my 3 year old grandson, Corbyn, goes to a Montessori school.  I had the privilege to pick him up today.  I am actually signed off work due to stress as a result of my Mom's illness so I am at home a bit more than usual.  When he got in the car, I asked what he would like to do.  He said he would like to go to my house and bake.  Whoops! 

I told him we could go to my house and would see why we could not bake.  Once he inspected the kitchen, he understood.  And the sun was shining outside so I was off the hook!
It did not appear that Corbyn was impressed with the size of the range cooker though.  I guess when you are 3 if you have seen one stove, you have seen them all!

This was Alan burning the midnight oil last night getting tiles up before the exhaust fan gets installed.  Luckily, once the worktop was put in place, the tiles looked great to us and we are going to keep them.  Whew!

Not quite finished with the tiling over the cooker, but it is only the very top that needs tiled and poor Alan got tired!

In talking to our joiner this morning, he explained that some Magnet cabinets are not as big as I would have expected. They are selling off their old stock and making their cabinets even wider, and he says he never knows exactly what size will be delivered. However, with the deal we got on this kitchen, I believe we would have always been slated for the old stock. And it is ok, the cabinets are beautiful and we will just store our dishes a different way. 

Little by Little
Any large scale accomplishment is
achieved only when tackled little by
little.  Be patient and tackle only one
thing at a time.  Then watch the big
picture unfold. 
taken from a booklet called
Take Care of Yourself
by Penelope Sach

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