Monday, September 3, 2012

Doors Open Day

We took a well deserved break from the kitchen today and got to enjoy one of my favorite days of the year - Doors Open Day!  It is one day, or weekend, a year where many places not normally open to the public open their doors.  Unfortunately, there were 2 other really fun sounding events in the area this weekend.  When it rains, it pours! 

There was an Army day at Culzean, I can't find the link to it or what it was really called.  But some photos I have seen of the event had exhibitions of soldiers in a variety of uniforms and historical settings.  We thought this would be fun to take Corbyn to.  Here is the link to Culzean Castle itself.  It is always a fun place to visit, even when nothing is going on there!  Culzean Castle

Then there was also the Live @ Troon weekend.  This might have sounded too grown up for Corbyn, but a friend of our's is involved in the planning of it and informed us of the kiddie activities they were going to do.  So another choice.....

How does this happen?   Of all the weekends when there is nothing to do, and here are 3 really fun events, both for adults and kiddies, all at once?  Multiply this by the very limited time we see Corbyn on a Sunday and divide by the time I spend at the hospital visiting Mom and it is easy to understand the dilemma we were presented with.

So, halfway to Culzean, I made Alan turn around and go back to Doors Open Day.  He was not impressed and neither was Corbyn for awhile. But once we got to Belleisle and saw the tents with the big owls, and stand of used toys for sale, a bouncy castle and the wonderful Victorian conservatory that this whole event was about, I hope all was forgiven. 

When I first moved to this area, Belleisle was a fantastic venue for weddings, going out to dinner, just hanging out at the pub, visiting animals, walking along the walled garden and into the conservatory.  Through the years, all of this has ceased to exist as the local council allowed the place to fall into ruin.  But things are looking up for the building itself:

And another group has taken over the renovation and restoration of the conservatory....

The conservatory had trees growing out of it and all the glass broken the last time I saw it, so we did not know what to expect.  Here is what the outside looks like now-

I didn't have the chance to take any inside pictures because Corbyn did not like being in here.

 Corbyn did like the inside of the bouncy castle though!
We also visited Holy Trinity Church, where some of the people there gave Corbyn Doors Open Day balloons!
Our last stop was the University of West Scotland. This is the university our son attended, but he missed the new building!  We had to wait longer than expected before the tour started, so we sat in this cafe and tried to keep Corbyn from taking all the cabinets apart.  This picture is Corbyn looking for rainbows through the sky lights!  He said there weren't any, but at least he sat still for a while!  It was a really sunny day - what grandparents will do for even a minute's peace!
We only had Corbyn from 11 to 2:30 when he had to be picked up by his Dad.  I think we managed to squeeze in a whole day in those few hours.

"Do you know why children are so full of energy? Because they suck it out of their grandparents"

Author: Gene Perret


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