Monday, February 24, 2014

The birthday celebrations are not over yet!

In a quick turnaround - returning to Scotland on Monday, going to work on Tuesday and Wednesday -  I found myself packing for a a very special overnight trip to Cameron House . This was a birthday gift from my daughter.  Does it get better than this?  Of course, I have been accused of celebrating one day for each year of my for me!

And there was a nice dish of sweets waiting as a welcome greeting for me!

This was a lovely treat - overnight in a beautiful hotel.  We had time for a swim in their nice pool, even the water was comfortable and this is unusual for me!  Sitting in the hot tub just enjoying a conversation with my daughter, then a lovely dinner.

Does it get better than that?

Well, how about after dinner cocktails in the fabulous setting of their bar?  We ordered what I consider "family" cocktails.  In my Dad's drinking days, he always ordered a Whisky Sour.  Then my Aunt Marie always had Manhattans.  So just for fun, that was what we ordered.  I ended up with the Manhattan, which I didn't expect!  But it was really good!  Whitney preferred the Whisky Sour, so it worked very well.

In a surprise move, we both had brought new pyjamas for each other!  Great minds must think alike!

The weather was not that great, but in the morning I managed to walk around and enjoy the setting, while Whitney just enjoyed being in the luscious room!

The cocktail bar at night is very impressive, but the views of Loch Lomond from the couches during the day, how can anyone top that?  Next time, this setting will be my morning coffee location!

Here is the plane we really should experience one day!

After a delicious breakfast buffet, we took a shuttle to the Carrick Spa for our hot stone massages.  Mine was a combined Christmas and birthday gift from Whitney's partner.  I had never had a hot stone massage and certainly did not expect the stones to be THAT HOT!  But they were and I had to trust the beauty therapist that they were not going to scar me for life.  Just kidding.  It was a magnificent experience and I am counting the days when I can get another one.

To make this an even more wonderful experience - following the massage, we were shown to the relaxation room, which looked like a harem bedroom.  You really could sit here the rest of the day and read and recharge your batteries.  No pressure at all.  Total bliss.

Once we could tear ourselves away from Paradise, we had a nice drive home.  When I got home, I needed another nap though.....I believe we will go back, even just for a massage!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter for such a lovely day away and total quality time together.

"It is the fine excesses of life that make it worth living."  Richard le Galliene

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