Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saying Good Bye to NYC

On our last day, Alan and I attempted to catch up with ourselves and do everything we missed, some of it due to weather, some just because our plans were too ambitious.   Poor Alan never did get to visit a firehouse and I did not get to see a show.  But I honestly believe we will return!

 Our first goal was to visit Chinatown.  So we jumped on the subway and went straight there.  Trouble was, being early Sunday morning, nothing was open yet, except for some amazing food stores, with loads of interesting fruits and other things.  But nothing for us to buy, good thing too since our suitcases were filled and stored - ready for checking into our flight!

I was disappointed in Chinatown though, it did not feel as exciting as the Chinatowns in London or San Fransisco.  But this could easily have been because we were just too early in the day.....

Little Italy is next to Chinatown.  Again, we were really too early for this area, since all I has planned to do in Little Italy was eat!

We were cold and tired and decided to do something radical - catch that elusive tour bus we had never really used in the 5 days we were here......ok, we bought a 3 day ticket.  But we only took it about 30 minutes the first day, then the weather shut it down.  Then, we had discovered the subway and really didn't need the security of the bus, which was why we bought the tickets.  However, there is a lot of information to be had on those buses, plus we were cold.  So after all this time, we found one and jumped on it!  (the tickets had been extended due to being shut down on the snow day.  Lucky for us!)

The first thing we noticed when we boarded the bus in Chinatown, is that the next turn found us at Katz Deli!  We were as close to Chinatown that day, as when we were in FAO Schwartz and didn't cross the street to Central Park!

Chrysler Building
Stopping at the UN, which didn't have any flags up and didn't look at all like it does on television....we headed back to Grand Central Station so Alan could do some more fun photos!
I tried this again. But it was more fun the first time!

While he was doing this, I discovered a wonderful food market, shopping area and then a food court! We ended up eating lunch at Tri Tip, steak sandwiches. They were really nice.

Our last stop was back to the Flatiron Building. We had attempted some night photography of this beautiful building our first night in NYC.  This is one of the most beautiful buildings in NYC and it is not lit up at night!  We were really surprised. And even in the day, it is really difficult to get a good angle.

This was our last stop, then back to the hotel, the shuttle to Newark Airport for the journey home.  We were joined on our flight by the crew for Beyonce's Mrs Carter Tour!

I never watched the 3 movies I had intended.  In fact, I struggled to watch The Great Gatsby!  Even though it was really good, I was simply exhausted!  And I was happy to be going back to Scotland!  Even though this was a fantastic 5 days in a beautiful, snowy city, I was ready to go back to normality.

"There's no place like home." Dorothy

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