Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peanut Butter and Apple (English) Muffin

Enjoying our picnic
at Belleisle
Having just returned from 2 weeks in Florida, visiting friends and relatives, it was time to catch up with our daughter.  She suggested a walk after work and this morphed into a lovely Autumn picnic!

It was after work for her and me "working" in the kitchen!  My daughter has recently become Vegan and it is going to be a challenge to find recipes suitable for her!  Even in saying that, I must admit, it is really more about reading ingredients and realising Vegan is not too difficult a concept to get used to.  (I was a very dedicated and strict Vegetarian for a few years so I get the drive to eat healthy and applaud her efforts.)

After realising my day was not as long as I would have liked, I settled for Chunky Chilli Bean Soup and a peanut butter and apple English Muffin.  (They are only referred to as Muffins in the UK!  But I have to say "English" so others will know what sort of muffin I used!)  I thought I had shared the soup recipe but it appears as if I have not, so that will have to be done soon.

I must admit the muffin idea was not original, but I don't know where I saw it!  It has been a few months since I have had time to participate in the Peanut Butter Bash and this month the extra ingredient is Apple.  I was having no luck with ideas and had looked around on the web.  Somewhere I saw this and had to recreate it based on memory!  But it is so simple and so delicious, there isn't really any right or wrong!  

(Just a note to say I have had to stop participating in the peanut butter bash, still too much going on with my home life and it is easier this way.  It was fun though!)

Most of the English muffins I saw were made with butter, so I was not able to use them. However, I found one with cinnamon and raisin that did not include butter.  This added another nice dimension to the mixture of peanut butter and apple!  There is really no measuring in this but I will provide a bit of guidance based on the first and only time I have made these.  (Believe me, they will be made often after this!)

Peanut Butter and Apple (English) Muffins


(English) Muffins
Apples  (1 was enough for 2 muffins)
Peanut Butter (I used chunky but smooth would be just as good)
Cinnamon and Sugar combined to your taste

Cut the muffins in half and spread with 1 tablespoon peanut butter.

Slice apples very thin and stack them, think of Jenga and make a short stack like that! 

Sprinkle generously with cinnamon sugar.

Grill for about 5 minutes.  

I did remember reading that it worked better to let it grill longer than you would expect and this was true for me too.  I started at only 2 minutes and had to keep putting them back, 2 minutes at a time, 4 times!  But the time I was happy with the result, the sugar was all bubbly and the apples were soft.  These muffins are fabulous, if I do say so myself!

Nothing's better than a picnic.

Zooey Deschanel

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