Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wales in a Weekend - Tenby

After such a long day of travel, which was unexpected, it was wonderful to arrive at Tenby at the perfect time!  We did not go directly into the town, but found a place to see the beauty of the last light of sun shining down on all the colours of the buildings!

After feasting our eyes with this view, we went into the town, but were tired and hungry so set off for Saundersfoot.  We went there based on a recommendation from one of the runner's assistants who was also desperate for coffee at one of the stops we made while being engulfed by the second big race we encountered on our journey yesterday.  However, it was now just gone 9pm and all the food establishments were closed!  Just closed, only 5 minutes earlier would have been fine....Lucky for us, there was a Tesco Express so we got the £3 meal deal and ate in our car at a beautiful viewpoint!  At least mine was a prawn (shrimp) salad!

This town looked really cute, but my camera decided to go onto manual focusing and I didn't notice, so not sure if I well get ahold of any of Alan's photos before publishing, but I will try.

Manian Lodge

After this very long day, we went to our hotel, the Manian Lodge.  It seems we were very lucky to get anything at such short notice. My theory is the sun was shining and it was a weekend. Folks were getting OUT and enjoying the first taste of Summer!   This was a lovely place though, close enough to Tenby but away from the frantic tourist town. Even this early in the season, it was quite busy in Tenby!

This little hotel felt very comfortable and allowed us to relax and have a beer with good wifi. What else do you need after a very long day of driving and not eating?

Pembrokeshire Castle
As we were checking out, Alan noticed a postcard showing The Green Bridge of Wales, which apparently is a very famous bit of Welsh landscape. Alan didn't realise we were that close and wanted to go find it.  I did try to tell him this rock arch could be anywhere on the Pembrokeshire coast, but he thought it would be easy to find and was only 11 miles away......after an hour of single track roads and dead ends, we gave up and headed to Tenby!  But this will also be on the list to find the next time we are in this area!

The beauty of Tenby is not as noticeable close up.  It is a bit crowded and you have to walk out on the harbour to see the colourful buildings. But it is well worth the walk!  It was voted Europe's  most beautiful beach last summer.

With the sun being behind the buildings in the morning, what we saw last night was more impressive, but these views are spectacular too!

With my luck, I would leave my phone in the flat
and not realise until I was down at the beach! 

Just a few more shots of this gorgeous town before we leave and head out to the Cotswolds. Why the Cotswolds?  Because I thought it was closer to Wales and on the way home.  I was wrong on both parts, but glad Alan did not correct me and just drove there!

Before we left though, I made sure we had lunch!  We stopped at the Picnic Basket on the way out of Tenby and purchased baguettes, mine was crab!  YUM!  Also in this purchase, a few Welsh cakes.  And on the way past a fruit and vegetable shop we grabbed some Pembrokeshire potatoes as a thank you gift for the in-laws for babysitting our lovely dog.

'Dw I'n caru Cymru'

(I love Wales)

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